Reduce UE4 Project Folder Size

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With time, your Unreal Engine 4 Project can occupy huge stacks of storage. Not all of that space is bound to necessary project files. There are a couple of folders you can safely delete to save storage space.

This is helpful for backups when you only want to save the necessary data.

Find your project

The easiest way to find the location of your Unreal Engine project is through the Epic Games Launcher.

Under the Library tab, you see a list of all your Projects.

Library Image

Right-click your desired Project and click Show in folder.

Show in folder image
Show in folder

This takes you right to the project files.

Project files

Now, let’s see which folder we can delete!

Folders to delete

Warning: When deleting data, always make a save copy in case something goes wrong.

I recommend only delete these files when creating backups or similar, as most of the files will be generated again by the project next start.


Your saved folder should look similar to this:

The saved folder

Except for the Config folder, you can delete the content of the Saved folder without fear.


You can delete the whole folder. UE4 will regenerate it on the next restart which could take a while!


Your Project’s Binaries. Can be deleted.


Here is what folders you can delete:

  • Binaries
  • Intermediate
  • Saved (Except the Config folder)

Unreal Engine will regenerate the needed files on the next restart, which could take a while depending on your project.

Don’t forget:

  1. Make a copy before deleting
  2. Don’t touch the other folders

I hope this helped you!

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